junho 10, 2008

Wycliffe Historical Geography of Bible Lands

Extensive volume following the Biblical narrative from Abraham in Mesopotamia through the establishment of the church in the New Testament.
Separate chapters are devoted to each of the eleven areas significant for all Bible study.
It is an invaluable reference for all who desire a greater understanding and discovery of the historical, geographical, archaeological, and biblical truths in God’s word.
Separate chapters study the eleven Bible lands of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine, Phoenicia, Syria, Iran, Cyprus, Asia Minor, Greece, Malta, and Italy.

Howard F. Vos has had a distinguished career as an expert in historical, geographical, biblical, and archaeological research. A prolific author and editor, he is responsible for twenty-five books that are standards in their field. He has traveled extensively in the Bible lands and excavated many sites in Israel. Vos is currently Emeritus Professor of History and Archaeology from The King's College in New York.

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